Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sam & Nicolle Wedding

It had it all...

Relaxing.  Laid back.  Beautiful.  Celebration.  Love.

Lots and lots of love.  Love between Sam & Nicolle.  Between families.  Between friends. 

It was a joy to be there for this gorgeous ceremony.  Sam & Nicolle, may you live your days resting secure in your love and others' love for you.  May God make his love known to you and may your love flow in abundance out of your lives.

To see more photos from the wedding, click here.

S&N Wedding_014web

S&N Wedding_031web

S&N Wedding_009web

S&N Wedding_035

S&N Wedding_038web

S&N Wedding_048web

S&N Wedding_051web

S&N Wedding_055web

S&N Wedding_061web

S&N Wedding_073web

S&N Wedding_080web

S&N Wedding_089web

S&N Wedding_127web

S&N Wedding_144web

S&N Wedding_152web


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