Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sister Sister Fall Photo Shoot

My gorgeous sisters.  One from the same womb.  One from marriage.  Odd thing is, someone mistook the one who has no relation to me as my twin.  Bizarre.

We spent an hour or two frolicking in the leaves.  Freezing cold and ending with a dubious substance on a sleeve or two that was suspiciously excrement-like in substance.  We didn't care.  They were beautiful.  They were fierce.  They smized to make Tyra proud. 

I love my sisters.  Click here for the full set of photos.

IMG_6916_4322 copy2web

IMG_6951_4357 copy2web

IMG_6931_4337 copy3wqeb

IMG_7060_4469 copy2web

IMG_6934_4340 copy3web

IMG_6987_4393 copy2web

IMG_6983_4389 copy2web

IMG_7011_4417 copy2web

IMG_7077_4486 copyweb

IMG_6925_4331 copy2web


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